Ride and Event Calendar

Arrow Ride Categories

Terrain Pace
Rolling Gentle grades. Casual Suitable for beginners and families. Frequent regroups. Ride leaders wait for less experienced riders.
Hilly Short steep grades and long moderate hills. Moderate Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace. Infrequent regroups. Designated rest stops.
Severe Very steep grades and climbs throughout much of ride. Training Brisk rides with few or no stops for regrouping. Ride leaders do not sweep.
    Off Road Rides with substantial off road riding. Unsuitable for road bikes.

Arrow Descriptions of our Weekly Rides

Saturday rides are geared for the beginner rider, however everyone shows up and spreads out and everyone rides their own pace...usually two or three groups with pairs scattered about and some single riders too. Climbing is kept to a minimum (around 1000 feet) and distance is generally around 22 miles. This ride is one is left behind. Currently, this ride is out of Flower Farm in Loomis.

Our Sunday rides are at least 40 miles in length, giving moderate level riders the chance to ride a little further than our average distance. You'll find some rides that are flattish and some that are killer hilly. The average pace of the Sunday rides varies hugely based on the distance and the amount of climb. The start location of this ride varies weekly, so check the calendar.

Tuesday rides are variable, depending on who leads and who shows up. Generally, the climbing is kept under 2000 feet (usually even less), and the distance is 18-25 miles. Often times, there are no regroups due to the short distances offered. This ride's start location currently starts at the Newcastle Park & Ride.

Wednesday rides are the most aggressive rides of the week (26-40 miles) and are fairly hilly. Currently, this ride usually starts out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. However, always check the calendar for a different start location.

Thursday rides are hilly, shorter, more casually paced rides (usually around 20 miles with approximately 1800 feet of climb). Two ride leaders (one leads, one sweeps) and everyone more or less stays fairly close together. There are also numerous regroups on this ride. This ride is swept. Currently, this ride is out of Meadow Vista Park in Meadow Vista. The last Thursday of the month starts out at Railhead Park in Auburn.

Currently, there are two Friday rides scheduled frequently (although usually not every week). Fast Friday is our fastest ride. Routes are generally flattish and between 20-30 miles. Emphasis is on paceline work. There are no regroups and no sweep on these rides. Average pace is 20+ mph. These rides are usually based out of Flower Farm in Loomis. The other "Fun" Friday ride is typically 25-40 miles and is a casual to moderate level ride. Start location of these rides is variable.

Arrow Sweep Policy

All of our rides are swept (except training level rides).  On group rides, the ride leader is responsible for sweeping the ride.  This means that the ride leader usually rides behind all the other riders. The ride leader/sweep must stop at a mechanical and offer assistance if the rider with the mechanical is alone. At regroups, the riders will wait for the sweep (ride leader) to arrive before resuming riding.

On moderate level rides (currently Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday) the ride leader will sweep the ride. However, a rider has the option of telling the ride leader that they do not wish to be swept. Please note that the ride leader will still be required to wait at the finish location of the ride until all riders are accounted for. It is highly recommended that any rider wishing to not be swept carry a cell phone or ride with a buddy.

An * denotes a non-SFCC sponsored ride or event.