Summer Camp 2019

Details on Summer Camp: Go to to make campsite reservations for Grover Hot Springs State Park. We usually stay in loop 2 (sites 38-76), although accessible sites are only found in loop 1. Other campgrounds (for longer rigs and/or those desiring hookups) are nearby, as are motel rooms, and Airbnb type rentals.Be aware that there is a 24 foot limit for trailers at Grover Hot Springs. Camping for larger trailers/motorhomes will be at Carson River Resort (530-694-2229) / There are motel rooms in Markleeville and Woodfords for those of you who would prefer to not camp. Info is here:

There will be a group potluck Tuesday evening, and possibly dinner out on either Wednesday or Thursday evening. All rides are NO SWEEP, although I am going to try to have SAG out on all of our courses.

The cycling is going to be awesome this coming year! Route sheets will be provided for you that will note where all the restrooms, water, and food locations are on each route. This year, as in past summer camps, we'll have a group start but likely will split up as we each find our own perfect pace. Of course you do not have to do any of these routes or you can shorten them or lengthen them as you see fit.

I have put all of the routes for Summer Camp on one page for you to peruse. Go to . It is fun to click the 'Show all on map' button. All of the listed routes will be on the map on the right. Hovering over a particular route will turn that route line black. And to see just one particular route, just click once on its title.


1.       Tuesday Routes

A.      Out/back to Genoa (60 miles w/3100 feet of climb)

B.      Diamond Valley Loop from Camp (30 w/2100) – follows long route until mile 16, then returns to camp

C.      Out/back to Genoa from Woodfords (42 w/1700) – follows the long route from Diamond Valley Elem. School in Woodfords.

2.       Wednesday Routes

A.      Blue Lakes/Old & New Luther Pass Roads/Carson Pass (46 w/4000)

B.      Just Blue Lakes (25 w/1800)

C.      Blue Lakes and Luther Loop (33 w/2500)

3.       Thursday Routes

A.      Ebbetts/Ebbetts (55 w/5900)

B.      Ebbetts (44 /4500) - omits backside of Ebbetts

C.      Silver Creek Campground (33 w/2400) - turns around at Silver Creek CG

4.       Friday (optional) Routes

A.      Monitor (34 w/3900)

B.      First 10 Miles of Monitor (20 w/1500)

Of course not everyone will want to ride all four days, but that is okay because there are lots of other things to do in the area. You can hike at Grover Hot Springs (dogs welcome on trails!), soak in the hot pools (additional fee), or fish in Markleeville Creek, Carson River, or other close-by streams and lakes. Kayaking and boating are available at Caples Lake, which is just on the other side of Carson Pass (bring your own or rent by the hour).

So please log on and make those reservations for camp!

Questions and RSVP to Kathy Welch (SFCC ride director) at